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Chinese Tourist market

Chinese Tourist market

 Outbound tourists figures

  • rose from 16.6 million in 2002 to 70.3 million in 2011, 
  • this market is expected to rise to 82 million this year,
  • growth up 17 percent. 
  • Shopping 200 million by 2020, 
The world needs to get ready to absorb that many extra tourists. And especially tourists spending money: figures show that year on year, Chinese tourists spent 30 percent more when travelling abroad in 2012 than previous year. source Chinese tourist

Who is concerned? 

 From hotels, airports, malls and retailers hiring Manadarin speaking concierge services, to countries easing visa norms and doing joint marketing agreements with China, (source )

Chinese tourists love spending money, especially the recession and debt crisis beset European and North American countries:

  • U.S., 
  • France 
  • UK 
  • Australia 
  • New zealand 
All the banks on Chinese visitors to shore up their sputtering economies.
 Neighboring destinations like
Hong Kong,

Chinese tourist are architecting their tourism policies wholesale to accomodate these big numbers. (via chinese tourist)

Chinese tourist

If you’re in travel anywhere in the world and don’t have an evolved and nuanced China strategy, you aren’t a serious player in 2013. here

  •  What follows is a list of 32 countries that are strategizing and employing methods to increase Chinese visitor arrivals in 2013 to build a more lucrative tourism market:

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    But how real are these numbers?

  4. Being a consultant here in Shanghai for 5 years, helping nearly a 100 clients start their own company by opening a local Chinese company for them, there are 100's of different factors effecting success in a start up. this would be the same in any country. are you sticking to your business plan? do you do a regular SWOT analysis? SEO? Marketing? Sales? the biggest reason of failures i have seen is due to lack of budgeting and funding.

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