jeudi 16 mars 2017

Baidu Better than Google in the Stock Market

Baidu, Google Chinese, has grown dramatically and all-out, diversifying into a wide range of activities. It has enormous potential in the stock market.

While Baidu, the "Chinese Google", recently published half-hearted annual accounts, the high-tech champion of the Middle Empire has nothing to envy to his American counterpart. Louis d'Arvieu, managing director of the Sextant Grand Large fund at Amiral Gestion, said the Chinese giant had a similar track record and had great potential. Overview.

Baidu was created by Robin Li, a Chinese engineer "having had the same intuition in the nineties as Larry Page" (one of Google's founders), that "a good search engine needed to prioritize pages based on Of their popularity, measured by the number of other pages referring to it, "reports the manager. Robin Li having obtained results more relevant than those of other search engines, he filed a patent, even before Google

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