mardi 16 juin 2020

JD and Kuaishou: e-commerce live streaming partnership

The launch of the first big promotion event on Kuaishou and Kuaishou, the video and livestream sharing platform in China (the main rival of Douyin (TikTok) in China), have announced they will officially kick off the strategic partnership between the two sides to launch the first major promotional event on Kuaishou, today June 16th, when celebrities and KOL are promoting quality products via live streaming.

For the first promotion, JD will provide big discounts for products like:
  • 100,000 iPhone 11s,
  • 100,000 iPads,
  • 20,000 bottles of Moutai,
  • 20,000 Nintendo Switch,
  • 20,000 Estee Lauder essences,
  • 50,000 M.A.C. lipsticks

The promotion on June 16th marks the beginning of ongoing promotions through the partnership in the future. The two sides wish to develop a healthy, open and sustainable e-commerce ecosystem to meet the diversified consumer needs.

JD partnership with Kuaishou

As part of JD's 618 initiatives, on May JD and Kuaishou signed a strategic partnership focused on the supply chain. Kuaishou users will be able to purchase the products provided by JD without leaving the Kuaishou app and take advantage of the quick delivery and after-sales service provided by JD.

The collaboration is part of a rising trend in the Chinese digital market where short video apps and e-commerce platforms increasingly turn to each other for monetization synergies.

COVID-19 has certainly advanced live-streaming shopping through these short-video apps in a time when Chinese consumers were confined indoors.

The marriage between live streaming and e-commerce is reminiscent of what happened at the beginning of the social network boom, which saw the microblogging platform Weibo and Alibaba unite for similar reasons: to expand the revenue streams of content platforms beyond advertising turning content consumers into buyers.

The JD-Kuaishou alliance appears to have agreed on a friendly deal: the online retailer will allow Kuaishou users to purchase JD products directly within the video app.

The collaboration seems to be winning for both because:
  • On one hand, for Kuaishou, the addition of e-commerce features will bring new revenues not only to himself but also to his influencers, strengthening their loyalty to the video platform.
  • On the other hand, JD can rely on Kuaishou's popularity in small towns and rural villages to achieve his goal of penetrating lower tier cities.

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