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XiaoHongShu (Little Red Book) features and live streaming e-commerce in China

Little Red Book, also known as Xiaohongshu and RED is a Chinese social media and e-commerce platform launched in June 2013. And it is precisely on June 6 that Little Red Book hold a shopping festival to celebrate the anniversary of its founding.

Currently, It has over 300 million registered users with 1/3 and it is the number #1 for cross-border purchases.

Xiaohongshu is particularly special among all social media channels because it combined cross-border e-commerce function and because its users are a specific target market ( 86.1% users are females, 83.7% are under 35 years old and 62.5% live in 1st- and 2nd- tier cities).

XiaHongShu features

  • It is considered reliable by Chinese users for quality content. The content covers all areas of users' interest such as beauty, travel, shopping, food and fitness etc.
  • Unlike other e-commerce platforms, Little Red Book focuses on trusted user-generated content, word of mouth advertising and building online communities.
  • Little Red Book focuses heavily on building trust and reliability between the platform and consumers, rewarding users for posting suggestions and advice to followers.
  • Kols and live streaming play a fundamental role on this platform. 
  • All this adds up to a unique value proposition for the platform, where users can share content, review products and buy items all from the same place.

Why is Little red book useful for brands?

  • Specific target
  • Increase reputation
  • Increase brand awareness and loyalty through quality content
  • Attract new followers and consolidate existing ones
  • Leverage sales through its e-commerce feature

 Live streaming e-commerce and KOLs

Livestreaming fever also hit Little Red Book in 2019. In fact, livestreaming is the trend of the moment to aim for success in the Chinese e-commerce market.

Livestreaming is the primary way for key opinion leaders to engage their audience. In China, fans can ask questions about products, send comments to hosts and even send virtual gifts as a sign of appreciation while watching the live stream.

In fact, in China the key point is trust, to make a break in the hearts of Chinese consumers, you have to bring them to trust the brand. The Chinese seek reassurance in the opinions of those who have already purchased the product, as well as in the KOLs, so a collaboration with the KOLs is highly recommended on this platform.

International brand on XiaoHongShu

The Xiaohongshu app is very attractive because it allows companies to build a reputation among Chinese consumers, but the costs are lower than those of other platforms and the requirements for having an official account on Xiaohongshu are less compelling.

The main reason that drives the major global brands to invest in this social commerce is the contact with consumers.
Many brands including Hugo Boss, Max Mara, Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton, are present on this platform and have many followers.

Louis vuitton

Louis Vuitton immediately grasped the great potential of Little Red Book. The fashion house was in fact the first foreign company to invest in the Little Red Book and today it has almost 140 thousand followers on the platform.

Louis Vuitton is also very adept at following and taking advantage of new popular trends in China. In particular, the live-streaming with KOLs as protagonists, which in recent years has transformed from a simple entertainment tool to a powerful promotional and sales tool that is extremely versatile.

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