mercredi 7 novembre 2018

Clothes market in China

Chinese consumers are very easy to serve in terms of needs. They are very excited about foreign brands due to the large selection of branded brands and new and famous brands.

Younger generations of Chinese do not differ from the younger generation of the West. They can use different social media platforms, but they follow a similar formula when shopping. For example, Chinese births after 90 years buy all the clothes online, because they can make a purchase decision without any help from someone else. But the generation of the 1980s would not believe physical stores more than online shops, because they tried to try clothes and not only see them on models.

Foreign Brands in China

Previously, the Chinese went to the local shops or even to the fake markets to buy clothes because they were the options they had. Gradually, larger brands such as H & M, Zara and Uniqlo established physical stores in China. Today, you will not find any Chinese people who go to local shops or "fake markets" and buy clothes because many foreign brands such as H & M and Uniqlo stand out equally.Even if wealthy Chinese appreciate more top brands like Gucci, LV and Hugo Boss, many people can not buy this outfit and look for cheaper brands.

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