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China: new High Tech Super Puissance !

China: New High Tech Super Puissance !

The rise of China in the globalized economy the rise in both admiration and fear. More and more pay s developed and intermediaries - such as Mexico and South Korea - found a net increase in Chinese imports and competition Increased international markets.

High Technology Exportation 

Moreover, if China exported mainly products of intensive sectors Day Job l, since 2000 accumulates the market success of high technol ogy.
The China, which attracts more drives only product ion but also R & D, could threaten Scientist positions ues and technology a number of countries.

In the United States, Previsió ns performance China fueled fears of a weakening of economic leadership, U.S. technological and military.

Fears are e also strong overseas Atlantic and among Asian countries. If Korea ti re of the opportunities offered him the Chinese market, policymakers and industrial experts the country are worried about the threat to their large voi sin. Concern about the scientific catch and techn Survey of China are much higher than India Is Also t very attractive to business services and R & D.
European countries with high wages are concerned also deal with the rise of new states memb res in activities with high technological content.


The examples acq uisitions florets national by emerging Chinese multinationals re nforcent yet these fears. These reactions underestimate the weaknesses of the "miracle" economic nomic Chinese as the benefits that derive from the developed countries Integration of China in the global economy. This study analyzes the s capacity for innovation China and the potential challenge it represents for high-tech industries technology developed countries.

SES business in China ! 

The first part attraction and SES performance business in China, particularly in the areas of high-tech they are awesome. It distinguishes sectors art technologies Information and communication technologies (ICT) in ensemb the areas of high technology and highlights the central role played by f ily in the foreign Chinese performance.
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Production is now divided in networks global, export data are only indirect very partial er technological and economic performance. The second p artie highlights significant investments that China has engaged in R & D and higher education.

Ecommerce in China is booming, only for local big Companies ! 

Chinese website Ecommerce

It also focuses on the contribution of firms Foreign and international partnerships resou rces and scientific Technology of China. The third part examines the production science and technology to develop a state of li their abilities.

The China is still far from being a technological superpower

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