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Agency : best Practices on Chinese Social Media for Brand engagement ?

What are the best Practices on Chinese Social Media for Brand engagement ? 

There are several social media that are very used nowadays by Chinese people in order to share their life and opinion with friends or followers. As people spend many times on it, the traffic is important and it is paramount for organisations to be present on these places. Let’s see now how firms can increase their brand awareness, their sales, and their customer satisfaction thanks to social media.

Guide to Communicate on Chinese social Media

Social Media create links 

First of all as social media link Chinese people together it is a very powerful l tool to increase brand awareness, which indicate to companies about their popularity and brand image. Facebook is the most popular social media of the world and many companies have their own page in order to display some contents to “likers”. The “likes” amount gives an indication on the brand awareness. There is much solution to increase the “likes” numbers, on the first place it is very important to have a good community management by displaying contents that might interest likers and to answer each massages. It is also possible to run some “campaigns” in order to buy new likers, Facebook has a very good targeting tool allowing to target people through their age, gender, job, localisation, interest and many others characteristics. Then it is important to bet a CPC on each segment and optimize it in order to have a bigger bet on segment with a high Click Rate. On others social media such as twitter or Instagram the number of followers give an indication on the brand awareness too. Customers are very likely to contact the company through social Media as it is a very easy and intuitive way to get in touch with someone, a good interaction with customers may also increase the customer satisfaction as they know it is possible to fix issues easily. It is also possible to increase the awareness on brand for free by creating some buzz, indeed if a content such as photo or video is shared by many followers of the firm, this content will appear on followers’ friends newsfeed and so on. A media can become viral and increase the awareness and enhance the perception of a brand for free. The buzz can also be dangerous because some content criticising the firm can also be displayed by some users decreasing the good perception of the brand.

Digital Marketing Positionning ! 

Is your content strategy in China very corporate or is it a bit more casual? What your brand is sharing says as much about you as it does your Chinese audience., what is your Chinese community ?
 Is your voice representative of your brand in China, do you know the Chinese market ? If it is, then is that representative of the Chinese target you are trying to reach? If your tone is not appealing to your Chinese Audience, then it’s time to change it up. Though it’s important that your digital strategy of Chinese engagement be as unique as your branding, it’s also important not to stray from your off libe Marketing strategy .

Social media create quality traffic in China

Then as the traffic is growing on social media, many enterprises want to increase their sales via this acquisition channel. In order to reach customers, it is possible to display some advertisement on users’ newsfeed via acquisition campaign. wechat will display the ads if the click rate is high and also if CPC offered by the firm is high enough to be profitable. Having a good click rate become a very important stake, it is very important to adapt the message to the target in order to be performant. Indeed the most a message will be individualized, the most the user who will see it will be likely to click on the advertisement. It seems evident that the landing page have to respect the message displayed by the ads otherwise the click has no chance to be converted into a purchasing.

Digital Strategy in China

Let your corporate culture be your guide.

There are many mean to increase the click rate on some ads in China, one of them is to AB test two ads very similar with only one changing aspect and see after a consequent number of click which one is more efficient, continuously set up test is a good strategy because there are always some ways of improvement.

ROI on Social Media ? 

Moreover if a company in China display always the same ad it may be very successful at the beginning but users might be bored after a couple of months. Finally a good tracking is mandatory in order to have a good control on the ROI, indeed each campaign must have a specific URL in order to know which campaign bring the most of purchasing. This allows increasing the bet on CPC in order to display more an advertisement that brings purchase and to cut useless campaign. It is also a good thing to calculate the cost per lead in order to know how much one purchase cost. A relevant CPL must be targeted for each campaign as some buyer are more valuable than others, it also allows marketing officer to make a cross calculation to fix the bid on CPC. Lead can be different things according to companies’ objectives, it can be purchase, download (for apps), or registration (private sales).
Social Media are a very important tool for companies and the best behaviour is to be creative, analytic, vigilant and flexible.
Be Active on Social Media it is vital in China ! Check general feeds in your industry; for instance, at in Marketing agency , we monitor “social media marketing” to pick up a variety of posts that don’t mention our brand but are still valuable. This strategy reveals new conversations on wechat or weibo you may wish to take part in and enables you to establish new relationships in China. It’s also a great way to catch any issues (probleme VS online reputation ) before they become a potential prospects, this is China.

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