samedi 5 septembre 2015

Mercedes-Benz is doing a good job in #China

Mercedes-Benz is doing a good job in China 

Sales of global brand Mercedes-Benz grew 18 percent in August to 139.802 cars, driven by demand in China, where the volume of the car has increased by 53 percent to 32.763 vehicles.
It was the 30th consecutive month Mercedes record sales.
Sales to small Smart brand increased 9.4 percent in August 6317, Daimler said in a statement on Friday. This helped the combined sales of Mercedes and Smart to grow by 17 percent to 146,119 last month.

With China, deliveries of the Mercedes brand rose 4.8 percent to 28.373 vehicles in the United States and 11 percent to 50 304 in Europe. Daimler said global shipments were boosted by a 81 percent increase in sales of the new Mercedes C-Class while sales of compact crossover GLA helped lift the volume of the car manufacturer in China. Growth is expected to continue given the introduction of new vehicles such as the S-Class convertible, Ola Kaellenius, marketing and sales head of Mercedes, said.
Combined sales of eight months for Mercedes and Smart jumped 16 percent to 1.26 million vehicles with volume up 15 percent to EUR 1.18 million for the Mercedes and smart sales up 29 percent to 77 768

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