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Made in China is out of trend

Made in China is out of trend

In recent years, people have often speak foreign cosmetics that have completely taken over the market. Now this is no longer true. Chinese beauty brands are on the rise and they certainly have their say on the future of the Chinese market for beauty products.

Made in China is out of trend, Made in China soon in China

For Chinese brands to really take over the market, they would need to change the made in China cliché actually for China, as Chinese fashion brands would like to achieve. At a time when the quality is better than quantity, where wages in China are rising, from qualitative to local Chinese beauty brands is definitely the way here. source :

Herborist The brand is positioned as having a strong relationship with traditional Chinese medicine and nature.

Herborist is a Chinese cosmetics brand whose message is all about mixing Chinese product of traditional medicine and beauty. It is a small market that has many potential these days. Why is that? This is simply because many Chinese prefer everything related to nature to satisfy their desire for nature and healthy.

Beauty market in China

With 40 years of experience in the market, the brand can boast significant experience in the beauty market. Moreover, they do not stop there, opening SPA complete the range of services they wish to offer to their customers in China After these, we will move to a genus hottest beauty products: Grids.
The past two years, the mask of the market has increased steadily from 30% showing how Chinese users like them. Yes, I am not writing a Chinese female customers because men can also be used. I was doing. The masks are very relaxing effect and, once past the strangeness of the concept for a man, it becomes a very pleasant experience. Facemasks only that you think for men? The biggest celebrities use them, some as often Fan Bing Bing who said use twice a day to keep her white skin. Examples of skin masks

Facemasks sold by a cosmetics brand in Guangzhou !

Mask sold in China, another Chinese brand. Bleaching effects perfectly match the desires of Chinese women: keep their pale skin to fit the model of the white, large Chinese woman eyes. Furthermore these masks help women who operate in a highly pressurized environment to relax after work. The mask market is one of beauty products with the greatest potential in terms of market developments. Indeed, there is another factor that contributes to the smog present in China, very bad for the skin, masks allow users to clean their skin before going to bed source

The material safety responsibility pour Cosmetic Products imported is specified FIRST, and the local agent Must Take Responsibility, which is similar to the concept of "responsible person", "Kong said. "The Security Assessor is specified in Article 20 and Can Be Either house of the Personnel D'Or levels of the UN.
Charges Pre-Market Will Be replaced by aftermarket Compliance, Such As monitoring the adverse effect, traceability of products, Labeling and redesign pour the Chinese market. " The current pre-pay market in application of cosmetic serums ordinary deleted rise to notification of the typical éffectuée responsible officer in the interim level, this meant Who Let serums Treaty as made-in- ordinary China cosmetics A particular area of note to brands outside of China is the added regulatory requirements on imported cosmetics.

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