jeudi 5 mars 2015

Indian SEO bullshit agencies never give up, but become more clever

please check this kind of emails... 

I know that as the owner of , this is not the first, nor will it be the last, email you get from a marketer. Quite frankly, your site implies that you have a decent budget, which makes you a prospect for emails from marketers, especially those pushing SEO services.

You have probably hear every type of promise and exclusive deal from the people emailing you. I will not be trying to top any of them.

Unlike them, I am not promising the impossible, such as guaranteed first page national rankings on Google.

What, then, can I do for you?

The answer depends on the type of person you happen to be. If you are not curious about what is happening with modern marketing, my service is not for you.

If, on the other hand, you are the kind of person who would like to surpass the marketing efforts of your biggest competitors, then speaking with me could be the smartest small investment you could make for the years ahead.

You will get only the most effective modern marketing tactics. No spammy SEO. No ineffective advertising.

Here are three such questions that none of other marketers contacting you can answer:

What is UXO and why is it replacing SEO?

Why are whitehat tactics now beating blackhat tactics?

What is the cheapest source of traffic?

You will already be ahead of all your competitors if you can answer three questions. But when you add to that my copywriting skills and methods to automate your online marketing, you will be unstoppable.

I can also teach you how to make viral content, how to improve response from your emails to prospects and clients, and how to set up a sales funnel.

Alternatively, I can do all this for you, from creating webinars that drive sales to optimizing your website so as to keep people coming back.

Reply to this email and I will send my guide on SEO copywriting, which usually sells for $40.

I prefer to talk over the phone, though. So if you are willing, please leave your number and I will call you

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