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Market information about China

Market information about China 

With 9.5% annual growth over the past twenty years, China attracted outsiders and French companies feel they have a role to play in this huge market provided so many resources. But the clash of cultures, a growth that overturns all existing rules, a difficult environment to control because of the reforms and the adjustment to the WTO are sobering.

 Liberalization of the Chinese economy

Market information Liberalization of the Chinese economy, however, remains extremely framed Omnipresence of the state Need to maintain good relations with local authorities Need to comply with the law and Chinese standards (there exist national régelmentations with a local executive and provincial rules) Need to adapt its offer to local demand (the country's import regulations, industry approvals, consumer tastes but also potential financial market)
The first commercial approach to industrial location, the company's best interest to proceed step by step in an environment she must learn to master even the shadows.
China as a strategic ally in Rhone-Alpes
China is the 3rd largest supplier and customer 9th of the Rhône-Alpes (source: DRCE) The machine provides 8% of imports of Rhône-Alpes (€ 2.9 billion and accounts for 2.7 of its exports (€ 1.1 billion) (source: DRCE) China is 8% of foreign direct investment in Rhone-Alpes and ranks sixth in foreign investing country (source: DRCE) IIBA lists 153 companies foreign Chinas original and seven Chinese companies l
Information on major Chinese cities
Shanghai: - Area: 6,340 km ² - Population: 19,213,200 inhabitants - GDP: 152.2 billion euros in 2008 - The first international port since 2005
The dominant industries: - Textile - Automobile - Telecommunications - Electronics - The largest stock market in the country is in Shanghai.
Traditional sectors: - Naval Construction - Industrial machinery - Biomedicine Beijing: - Area: 16,000 km2 - Population: about 17 million people - GDP: $ 174 billion (2009) - 26 of the top 500 global companies in Beijing (third largest after Tokyo and Paris)
The dominant sectors: - Services: 73% of GDP - Finance 750 financial companies generate 13% of GDP in Beijing
Growth markets: - Recreation, tourism - Property - Motor
Hong Kong: - Area: 1,100 km ² - Population: 7 million more than 8000 French - GDP: $ 147 billion - 3rd largest financial center
The dominant industries: - Logistical services - Finance (90% GDP) - Trade - Tourism, hospitality - Business services
Some features: - 50% of French exports to Asia pass through Hong Kong - Absence of VAT and tax on the dynamic luxury sector companies

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