mercredi 31 mai 2017

Volkswagen Leader in China

Despite the diesel scandal, "VW" exceeds Toyota in volumes.

Sadly like Japanese in the United States, German is saved by China. The house burns and guests seem to look elsewhere.

In 2016, Volkswagen ignored the rigged diesel engine scandal that has plagued it for eighteen months to capture the world's number one automotive by volume. The German manufacturer thus passed in front of Toyota which had held the top of this ranking since 2008, with the exception of 2011, the year of the tsunami, dominated by General Motors. The Japanese manufacturer sold 10,174,582 vehicles last year (+ 0.2%). That is exactly 137,818 models less than the level posted by its German competitor, whose historical sales have inflated by 3.8% thanks to the success of Skoda, Porsche, Scania and utilities. It will take a few days to know if General Motors, which was "number one" before Toyota, does better, but to tell the truth, it would be a surprise.

That could give a little balm to the heart to Martin Winterkorn, the boss of VW. The former leader sees his will accomplished while German justice is actively investigating his role in the affair of the trick. Ironically, Volkswagen reached its goal - to exceed the 10 million mark and to win the title of world number one - one year after officially abandoning the aggressive race to the volume which probably pushed him to the fault. "We have managed to stabilize the activities of our operational business under difficult conditions," said Matthias Müller, the successor of "doktor Wiko", twenty days ago.

Different dynamics in China ! 

The difference between the two mastodons remains nevertheless tenuous. But photography does illustrate the differences in dynamics, starting with the evolution in a Chinese market on which it hardly sells Diesel. Toyota, Japan, sold only "1.2 million units" in the Chinese market last year (+9), despite the lack of SUVs, the urban 4x4s that are all the rage in the world. %), While its rival flamed 12%, to 4 million vehicles.

The problem for Toyota is also that the United States, its second lung after Japan, are coughing right now. The manufacturer saw its volumes decrease by 2%, to 2.45 million units. On the spot, Volkswagen, vilified for months by the American authorities and justice, does not do better: its sales fell by 2.6%, to 591,000 vehicles.

Entrepreneur spirit

An ominous performance for the duo. Especially as observers predicted a market plateau in the coming years. The arrival of Donald Trump in power could help boost demand, but Toyota has attracted the wrath of the new White House host for its plant project in Mexico. Despite the promise to invest $ 10 billion over five years in its American factories, the former real estate tycoon has sacked the group in his ropes, chastising his imports from Japan - "the biggest boats he 'Ever seen'. Less exposed to the US market but risking like all German manufacturers to be criticized by Donald Trump, Volkswagen could especially benefit from its dynamic Chinese to maintain its position for some time yet

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