dimanche 15 janvier 2017

Brands in China Are Going the Digital Way for 2017

China's e-commerce is thriving in contemporary times. Every day about 150,000 new buyers from China join the million people already in the e-commerce business. According to trade analysts, this number soon doubled by the year 2020 an estimated $ 1.5tn. Future for brand development and online retailing seems to be brilliant with constant innovation in the e-commerce market in China.

Social Shopping in China

Most major brands in China are competing for leadership in the e-commerce industry in China. However the brands that integrate your business model with customer experience and co-creation attempts with consumers in the online and offline world will survive and reap the benefits. These brands not only create a niche for themselves, but will outperform their competitors and become the key player in the dynamic world of e-commerce in China.

source : http://www.aucmahitech.com/brands-in-china-are-going-the-digital-way-and-investing-heavily-in-the-e-commerce-market.html

Digital Marketing and E-Commerce in China

Digital marketing is on the rise in China. Digital and e-commerce hand making all the more successful. Most brands in China are pursuing digital marketing strategy in order to take over the e-commerce market and gain an edge over their competitors. Since Chinese children are technology experts and mostly online shopping, most brands and companies have understood that there is no better way than the Internet to capture the e-commerce market. Most brands in China are investing in the e-commerce market in China for the fact that they can reach one million consumers at one go.

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