jeudi 23 novembre 2017

Wine Market in China +7% growth per year

China's preference for wine is fast becoming, and the nation will overtake the United Kingdom to finish clearly with the world's second largest viticultural showcase by 2020, with an estimated $ 21 million.

+7% growth per year 

As indicated by VINEXPO, it is estimated that the market will become a normal rate of seven percent each year in the next four years, with 6,100 million liters of wine anticipated to be sold in 2020. Each year a level of Wine development in China is foreign from abroad; A year ago, this figure exceeded 10 percent of nothing. Traditions information shows that in 2016, 638 million liters of wine were transported in China, with an aggregate estimate of US $ 2,400 million, an interannual increase of 15% in volume and 16% estimated.  source

Wine in China 

This development is expected to continue, as the importance of imported wine channels to lower-level urban areas of China and the use of wine becomes a more typical interest.

 In this capacity, several open doors are exhibited, both for the web and for dealers of disconnected wines. The patterns of the free market activity side, and the key contemplations for the different destinations and challenges in the market, are in their upper part points of view that must be perceived by the possible contestants

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