lundi 7 novembre 2016

Digital Startups are expanding in China

China is the dream of an entrepreneur, 

China is the dream of an entrepreneur, with the new opening up almost every hour, "says GMA co-founder Olivier Verot." Purpose They are folding at a similar pace. Not understanding the market, growing very slowly, growing too fast. They are failing for several reasons, "he continued. For a company that specializes in digital marketing and advertising, GMA-growth has been steady for the past four years and now the agency employs 37 full time staff, who extends desk space in the office to the Jing'an ability. Instead of relocating the entire office,

Gentlemen Marketing Agency 

 Olivier and co-founder Philip Qian made the strategic decision to open a new office in Zhabei, leaving the sales and customer management teams in the Shanghai headquarters to accommodate the team. Growing digital operations. "It is convenient, it has an office located in the center of Shanghai. It is easier for our foreign clients as well as our international staff who like to be based in the city. "Our operations team is predominantly local and prefers to work in local areas where the cost of living is cheaper," explains Olivier. The choice of office space is Hutaizhi way was aussi decision was considered, looking forward.

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