dimanche 12 juin 2016

Chinese consumer Market is developing fast

Consumer Market in China is developing rapidly that is why companies all around the globe are interested in marketing their products to the Chinese consumer.

But it is not as easy to market the people of china because they are very selective about what they are buying & don’t take time for decision-making about shopping, if they don’t like the product, they will just let it go. Even they are not too much loyal to their brands .so in order to attract Chinese consumer & make them loyal companies have to market these people with very attractive interesting stuff. According to enhanced development, they must be marketed digitally in a very effective manner. 1: First & foremost Digital marketing trend in china is through videos. It is very effective & attractive way of marketing because video actually grabs the attention of people, through colorful pictures, attractive sounds & music; moreover story regarding some product relevant to real life story makes it a real attraction for consumers.


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