lundi 2 mai 2016

Tourism Market in Indonesia is booming (thank to China)

Indonesia hopes that a significant number of tourist arrivals from China in the coming months until the end of December.
Their participation in last week's China International Travel Mart (CITM) 2015 in Kunming, could make them happen such expectations, according to Tourism Minister Arief Yahya Indonesia. He attended the three-day event that opened on 13 November 2015. The CITM is one of the largest trade and consumer travel fairs in Asia.

Chinese Tourism Market : +150% since 2014 !

In CITM, the stand of Indonesia, which was next to Singapore and Malaysia, attracted a large number of visitors. It was partly because the support of Indonesia also featured live dance and musical performances, the daily Kompas reported.

Indonesia Invest in Marketing to boost Chinese arrival

Indonesia had set a target to receive 10.5 million foreign tourists this year. In the period from January to September, reached 7.2 million, Minister Arief Yahya said. Last year, 9.4 million foreign tourists visited Indonesia, including 883,000 people in China. Indonesia had set a target of 20 million foreign tourist arrivals in 2019. While Indonesia and China are developing closer bilateral relations in the economic sector, it is expected that an increasing number of tourists from China to come to the country in the coming years.

Luxury Shopping and hotel Booking! 

With more travelers now Chinese outbound tourism big-spending worldwide, luxury shopping and hotel stay constantly in search of the next great centers of Chinese travel. To date, this has meant keeping a close eye especially in Asia, which now accounts for nearly 90 percent of arrivals of Chinese tourists. Tracking the fastest growing destinations is a difficult task, however, thanks to the delicate political situations in the region that cloud the picture, leaving marks to ask which areas are popular among Chinese tourists are will remain in the long term.

+136% of Chinese tourists in 2014 ! 

A particularly timely example of this is Sri Lanka, which saw the arrival of Chinese tourists increased by 136 percent in 2014, during the administration of strongly "pro-Chinese" President Mahinda Rajapaksa. However, things have changed with the defeat Rajapaksa at the polls this January Maithripala Sirisena, who has been far more critical of the major tourism projects and development carried out by luxury companies, many of which have already they have been waiting Chinese.

Under the direction of Sirisena, less chummy ties between China and Sri Lanka have raised doubts about the sustainability of Chinese growth arrival of tourism. At the moment, the outlook is still relatively optimistic it with Sri Lanka to its projection of 2.5 million Chinese visitors sticking in 2016 and hoteliers as Shangri-La to continue its expansion in the country. While in Kunming Minister Arief Yahya said Indonesia had to do everything possible to attract Chinese visitors. "Chinese tourists traveling abroad reach 100 million people annually. How might receive only one percent of them?" Said the minister.

In 2014, the number of Singaporeans who visit Indonesia ranked first with 1.32 million arrivals. Visitors from Malaysia and Australia came in second and third place respectively.


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  1. Just amazing country and population. I will come back and yes mre and more Chinese are going there.

  2. Great article, yes Chinese tourists are really supporting the local commerce , they are really buying a lot of stuff in Bali.