mercredi 29 juillet 2015

Wechat is so popular in China but not in the world

Have you ever heard the term “Chinese WhatsApp”? If you have never heard it, then you need to know that the term is a term for WeChat, a famous chat application from China. WhatsApp spread more widely but WeChat began to follow, and for the moment, the majority of WeChat users are coming from China. The uniqueness of this application lies in the fact that WeChat is not just a normal chat application, but also a social network and a social media. WeChat has facilities capable of being used to search for new acquaintances; something that has not been provided by WhatsApp. Check :

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 Wechat in China!

In this article, I will pay attention to why WeChat has not yet to achieve what has been achieved by WhatsApp. In China, its origin country, the application is very dominating for chatting purposes but somehow not very successful abroad. To find out why, we must know the background of chat application development in the world, especially in China. I live in China and of course I know chat application development here. The development is certainly fueled by the growth of smartphone users growing to almost 80%.I also lived in the United States and I have tried various chat applications such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and LinkedIn, while I have been a customer of Renren, Weibo, Momo, and so forth. I did these experiences before I know WeChat. One thing I realized is that WeChat is designed specifically for Chinese consumers. This application determines that its biggest target is Chinese people so that it provides various facilities tailored to the characteristics of Chinese citizens.

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