mardi 18 mars 2014

Haier Brothers new image collection to those "bold image"

Haier Brothers new image collection to those "bold image"

Yesterday afternoon began to have a lot of friends in my circle of friends scraper Haier Brothers new image , in 21:00 and more of our small series also forwarded a microblogging on by@SOS动漫社团-SOS姬
Released microblogging , he uploaded a solicitation activities in this collection come some very "unexpected " works .

We greatly accelerates forwarding this microblogging Haier praised the bold , but also comes with a collection of several major battlefield of the event , we thought this forward microblogging also caused a lot of forwards , first we runoff military thought it was , because in the past we have forwarded a number of activities with corporate brands, some companies will bring a lot of water army brush forwarded . The large number of transponders and Haier are normal interactive forwarding, many fans like us, for Haier's " bold" and admire , that this was a very successful event . Commented as follows :

  • Lake Cattle:. . . I think that Haier is not so bold, unlike soft paper. . . 
  • Xu Sheng long: a little mean 
  • Pei sub-period: == | | election staff works every day must be very happy ...... 
  • itor: from good black 
  • Offensive Galileo: a very touching campaign. 
  • Wang Haoxiang: This will be the most successful of this year's campaign 

But this view is not long carnival today, when we go to the event page click to go explore more bold new image , I found what bold designs clean and the organizers have been deleted , leaving only memories of some pure works .

Haier or its marketing agency is to collect through a mass participation activities to collect Haier's new image , you can play a good serve multiple purposes , both to promote the brand , but also to the new collection Haier Brothers image for this increasingly Haier older brother inject new vitality , but collecting the results of view , there is a lot of work boldly beyond people's expectations , the organizers of the competition rules in particular marked with a red " for the healthy growth of children , submitted manuscript contains children should not be content will be removed . " I guess this sentence is temporarily out of time to add to the back of the situation , but also to remove some of the works provided some basis.


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