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Trends for mobile Marketing in China

Trends for mobile Marketing in China

Advertising , the mobile Internet , there is still an important source of income . Next year , the market usher in greater growth trend . Recently published article ( Bateman of Haili) famous blog site PandoDaily Harry Bateman , article about the development trend of the future of mobile advertising , mobile advertising optimistic , and said it would stand out in 2014 . I read the article as follows .
If you earn more profits , the mobile phone business weak e- business specific : In the past few years , the industry has been circulating this maxim .

 In 2013 , the total cost of one hundred billion U.S. dollars Internet advertising market , as compared to be continues to be a piece of cake , mobile ad spending in the United States 10 billion from the corresponding between $ 8 to almost double by 2012 industry in anticipation to reach . However , in the eyes of the starting industry desktop , the mobile advertising , it is also significant growth potential movement of the mobile device is charged .
In my opinion , video advertising next year , will be the key areas of growth in the mobile advertising . Similarly , publishers and application , are competing in search of user participation , it would have the opportunity to open some applications will increase is expected . Small businesses , some will be able to solidify the position of the existing possibility that Facebook and Google will continue to dominate the advertising market is high . Then , I will announce the details of the five-year forecasts of my future .

1 video advertising to dominate

For more information about video ads , usually , 5-10 last second , the ad is a favorite in more markets , of course, in general , not only occupies an area of a larger 150 × 20 character display area , video to make the benefits of the ad . The main advantage of mobile advertising , throughout the entire 2013 it has been largely ignored , the page of a small banner ad formats of some applications , sufficient attention has not been paid . However , in my opinion , Greystripe 's as up as a mobile advertising company originally Millennium 's of AdMob, the quattro , will pop up ad formats of these . But , after all , at the initial stage , smartphone operating system , screen resolution and screen size rather than as now , these ads are intended for the design of smartphone early . The current stage of , the hardware device , in this environment , rich, interactive and more short video advertising market and display advertising colorful is equipped with high-definition display , high-speed, operating system , is full of potential . For more information , as is better than experience of text ads and banner ads , good experience , not only to the new device in the market , video advertising is more suited to the users and advertisers . I think the growth rate next year of video ads of mobile phone than text ads and banner ads faster . Therefore, large companies in these areas , as well as rhythm AdColony, and Vungle, including Crisp medium multimedia , and mobile advertising company Celtra At present, the company was expected to usher in development opportunities more next year have .

2 Application developers will attempt to application of existing re- attract users

Be to create a new mobile application, and then install the paid app has become a market that is very mature . Market because the prosperity , the next step is to re- open on your smartphone , the application of existing users , and measures more reasonable . Over the past four years , the brand of all , all publishers are competing to create a large-scale promotion and application , the application of these , obtain and install the download as much as possible . However , the cost to create an application is as high as or higher range , of $ 250,000 $ 25,000 , in many cases , they are very expensive . Very low mainly in order to obtain a competitive advantage in the $ 3 $ 1 only to the extent of the cost of each download , the installation cost is a marketing , advertising and .

According to this expert Similarly Through targeted marketing activities , and has supported mobile developers in order to improve the capacity of their applications is installed similar companies of other Flurry and Tapjoy, SponsorPay, and W3I, marketing these activities , such as subsidies and other virtual currency such as this provide a new incentive that can be downloaded to the user's application . However , despite the measures , they suggest , it is not able to spend a lot of cost for this purpose , these efforts , 75% or more of the application , the number of users to download and install small. Wasted a lot of money , and brands publishers to promote the user to download and install the application , in fact , these applications will be ignored to the user in the end. To get around this problem , there are a lot of new companies such as URX AppBoy such , Urban airship , Appoxxee, TapCommerce, ActionX, coral reefs , in order to solve the problem of the customer of the customer , the application of these re-enable in the , in an effort to re- arrangement information , and managed to solve this problem through various forms . I think in 2014 the future, this area , and will continue to be the focus of one of the mobile advertising .

3 rich has become richer

The mobile advertising platform of the maximum income will be Google and Facebook in 2014 . In the third quarter of this year , advertising revenue on Facebook is from about half to go , but a year ago , mobile advertising revenue for Facebook has created a nearly zero . Expected that this number will continue to increase in the next year . Mobile phone subscribers more than active user of 120 000 people , the seven million - - The number of the benefits of user traffic and Facebook at a glance it means in terms of mobile revenue , Facebook is to beat the companies will be hard .
In addition , Facebook is also , and began video advertising business , which is dedicated to video advertising on mobile devices in recent years . For this reason , I think, it is possible to move $ 100 million of five or more next year on the revenue side of Facebook only . At the same time , not just on the size of Google itself , coupled with mobile advertising products AdWords / AdMob basic mature , from the point of view of the rapid development of the Android platform , performance will continue to improve probably Google, mobile advertising revenue may reach ( including including the results of the mobile search ads ) , which is expected next year to 10 $ 1 billion from 6 1000000000 . The IAD of Apple Twitter and Pandora , and media such as Millennium , main competitors in the mobile advertising market , these companies will catch up with Facebook and Google in the mobile advertising market .Jbbelge says.

4 . Wave of consolidation hit

Of course , you also can have a greater variety of mobile advertising technology company in the market , ads Rich media ads like this , video ad networks , demand-side platform (DSP), ad exchange , such as relocation / information platform the analysis platform is flooded , and advertising and delivery and regional areas . All aspects of advertising , including mobile advertising technology , such as the size will be a very important factor. Why not? Supplier that all the necessary services from the service provider they just , do business with them is small , need agency or brand , of each of the major functions of the most , and would like to be able to the service provider , you can provide the service overall .
So , I think , in this ecosystem , you will need many small businesses is to integrate , to be part of large companies . For example , Kontagent processing PlayHaven is just getting started . And if it is possible to start using the mobile ads look great asset acquisition of mobile advertising platform , or merger , and see ( trembling and whether BrightRoll 's , like a dream ) some advertising luck of the desktop , it surprised it would be should . Media coverage , and so on mobile advertising network in the Mobi , I acquired a small mobile phone company several , including bean sprouts and
Withdrawal or several billion U.S. dollars of five mobile advertising technology company evaluation Perhaps , this phenomenon did not occur this year . It is possible to early end of 2015 or 2014 , mobile technology companies of multi-billion dollar first from the market appears we , these companies can include a flurry , advertising HasOffers, Celtra, the notification bar , on the AdColony, InMobi , Mojiva, Smaato, the TapAd Nexage, Vungle, and drawbridge . In these companies , the majority of the current valuation has reached to the dollar from 10,000 yen to 50,000 U.S. dollars .

In fact , Millennium Media , was listed in a multi-billion dollar market that it begins to decrease to $ 581 million immediately, but in the past year , to $ 350 million , which corresponds to the revenue of the original price nearly 10 times the acquisition of Twitter of MoPub. Mobile advertising market is doubling every year , but because it is more than ever , the growth rate of these companies is that in the next period , revenue of 1 or 2 reach one hundred million U.S. dollars , the high valuation of the company you MoPub acquisition also will face a similar fate there .

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