samedi 7 octobre 2017

Alibaba is running to a $ 500 billion Valuation

Alibaba is running towards the $ 500 billion valuation market, while the battle between two of the world's largest retailers (Amazon) is increasing in the markets of India in the United States. As Amazon focuses on expanding its e-commerce activities into new markets, Alibaba invests in companies around the world - going beyond e-commerce to include virtual reality and social media as well.
If there is a transaction that involves any type of business, Alibaba, the company that allows it allows. Amazon is often seen as the place for consumers, but Alibaba's products also push for business-to-consumer transactions. Alibaba is first and foremost an e-commerce platform, more unlike Amazon, there is a complex and extensive ecosystem, which includes Tabao, TMall and In addition to its direct e-commerce sites, it has also started AliPay which allows users to pay on its own platform and AntFinancial, which gives business financing.

Alibaba & Chinese ECommerce Market  

Alibaba has more than 500 million people using its purchasing requests every month and its scale in expanding beyond China. There are operations in more than 200 countries. The company set the record for the largest IPO (initial public offering) in history, listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 2014. This year, Alibaba became the first company in Asia to exceed the $ 400 billion mark. Alibaba's investments include the Southeast Asian e-commerce platform, Lazada Group, Ofo bicycle trading companies, Paytm India's electronic payments company, the Israeli virtual reality creation project Lumus and the US usable company Magic Leap


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