jeudi 30 avril 2020

Customers in China buy Cosmetics online via Tmall

As China's appetite for beauty products increases, Tmall is expanding its related offerings to more than 1,000 other platform-focused beauty virtual stores this year, group-owned B2C online market said on Monday AliBaba .

The news came during the Tmall Beauty Awards, the site's annual event, which includes beauty showcases, panels of leaders and awards for exceptional brands. Tmall has said it will focus on recruiting more international brands, in particular, such as Tom Ford Beauty, which is expected to launch an official flagship store on the site this year. This would make Tom Ford the last prestigious beauty brand to join the platform


"Powered by Tmall's strength in big data, our new store allows us to access all of China without compromising our engagement as a luxury brand," said Natsuko Watanabe, APAC regional director at Tom Ford Beauty . "We have ensured that our fashion heritage, our seductive expression and our authenticity are felt throughout the experience in the new store."

This year, the beauty care brand Glamglow owned by Estée Lauder, the Swedish beauty brand Barnängen de Henkel, the Japanese cosmetics review website Cosme and the Korean beauty giant's Primera brand partnered with Tmall. The Korean Small & Medium Business Corp. also announced plans to launch a store, which will house 50 Korean niche brands.

Taobao Live, the Alibaba group's live streaming platform, saw a sharp increase in brand activity last month as traders slowly resumed their activities and sought out ways to mobilize consumers amid the news coronavirus epidemic.

In early February, live streaming sessions on the platform increased 110% from the same period last year, according to Taobao Live. This growth was brought about by the sharp increase in the number of companies using online tools to maintain their sales and engagement with consumers, while their physical stores remained closed and millions of people were confined to their homes. prevent further spread of the virus, officially known as Covid-19.

Public facilities, retail stores, offices and schools across the country are now reopening with caution after an extended shutdown. But lingering viral fears - despite a drop in new infections - and more time is needed to bring economic activity and production levels back to normal.

Olivier VEROT speaks about cosmetics in China 

Tmall Innovating at the end of the crisis

For traders in different industries, live streaming has become an important tool not only to offset the decline in offline business, but also to encourage creativity in marketing and the development of customer relationships. Taobao Live users reportedly saw cookware tutorials in restaurant kitchens this month, estate agents give apartment tours, celebrities and singers perform in an online concert from their home , rural farmers promoting their fruits and vegetables and even car dealerships showing the interior of luxury cars.

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