mardi 21 janvier 2020

LGBT-friendly commercial in China

An advertisement broadcast since early January on Chinese television by an Alibaba subsidiary and featuring a couple of men has raised many reactions on social networks. In China, it is not every day that we can see on television a man introduce his parents to another man - and this is precisely the subject that animates the discussions of many spectators this week ”, relates the Chinese site Sixth Tone this Saturday, January 11. In a 23-second clip from an advertisement for a food brand, broadcast by the Chinese company Tmall, a subsidiary of the giant Alibaba, we can see a young man presenting his companion to his family during a festive dinner for Chinese New Year.


If two young women react with "chuckles and gossip", describes CNN, the father, him, warmly welcomes his son's spouse and invites him to "feel at home". In the week following the start of its broadcast, reports the American media, the video “ignited the web when it was published on the Chinese social network Weibo by LoveMatters, an organization specializing in sex education and relationships. love.

" The latter praised the approach of Tmall, an "influential" company that supports the LBGT movement, adding that it is "important for this community to be visible and recognized by the general public". The clip has been viewed millions of times, generating “more than 4,500 comments, many of which were positive,” notes CNN. Quoted by the American chain, a Net surfer commented for example: "Tmall subtly avoids pronouncing openly on its position on the subject of homosexual couples, but it is already a great step forward". As for the parent company Alibaba, it replied to CNN that "the Chinese New Year is a good time for family reunions and inclusion", without actually taking a position on the LGBT community.

Officially, homosexuality is no longer illegal in China and was removed in 2001 from the list of mental illnesses, but in fact, CNN recalls, "Experts and activists claim that members of the LGBT community in China are suffering always discriminations ”on the part of the State and the population

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