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The China's Little Emperors Market

The Chosen Ones - Future Leaders of China

 China’s Lucrative Children’s Market

With the end of the one-child policy, China's mother and baby market has never been in better health.

manufacturer of Kidwear -based organic health, beauty and lifestyle products, was one of the many Australian companies attending the event. Participating under the umbrella of the Australian pavilion, the company has been particularly active in promoting its brands Native Bliss and Kids Bliss, its range of cosmetics and cleansers of natural origin for mothers and young children.

"When we started the business three years ago in Australia, I really wanted to share the best of the country's natural assets, using only the purest and best ingredients," said fou
nder Wenge Hu. all-natural, with many of our products containing unique plant extracts in Australia. "
To date, the company's products have been mainly distributed in the domestic market, and its entry into the Chinese market is relatively recent. "The Chinese are very open to quality products from abroad and, at the same time, they only want the best products for their children and are willing to pay for them," he added.
Another newcomer to the continental market was Clovis Australia, the Adelaide-based company behind children's clothing brand Lisa & Damien. Founder Mei Lim saw a potential gap in the market and launched her specialty brand in children's clothing made from high quality materials, including organic fibers. Source
"In Europe, especially in the UK, they are much more aware of the needs of fashion for children," said Ms. Lim. "We believe that we will be very important in China, and many middle and upper class consumers in the country want real quality for their children, while valuing slightly different items." The brand currently sells mainly online, but also has a selling point in Guangzhou., its range has won a British design grand prize.

Chinese Kids Situation
Controversy above this approach to population control has long been widely described, citing discrepancies in interpretation and jurisdictional enforcement to infanticide and selective abortion troubles.

A number of exhibitors have offered specialized car seats for children, including the UK-based Cozy N Safe. The car seat and stroller manufacturer is a major player in its home market and in Europe with its range stocked by leading retailers including Tesco, Asda, Toys "R" Us, Mothercare and Carrefour.

Top marketing Director said, "Not so long ago, there was no safety regulation on the use of child seats in China, but everything has changed. For example, children under four must be in a car seat for children.It now seems likely that similar requirements will be introduced elsewhere in China.This is great news for us because all our products are already compliant strict European safety standards. "
Besafe, a UK manufacturer of car seats, is another company that wants to focus on product safety. He promoted his new Modular i-Size model, a follow-up seat for children who have passed their first baby chair. Made in accordance with ISOFIX, the international standard for child safety seats, the new model is suitable for children up to four years, while its rear design is five times safer than forward-facing equivalents.

End of the Policy Source Guardian

"It has both a plastic shell and a reinforced soft shell with an energy absorbing material," says Frank Lilleheil, product manager. "The headrest and seatbelts are easy to adjust, making it easier for a child to enter and exit. With all our products, it has been certified by ADAC, the German automobile association known for the rigor of its testing procedures. "
JWorld Industry, based in Seoul, has introduced its Alziprange baby rug range, featuring an unusual egg-shaped structure, an innovation that is expected to improve sound absorption and shock. The company also guarantees that only non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials are used in the manufacture of its products.

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