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Chinese Luxury Customers are changing!

Chinese Luxury Customers are changing!

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 As for luxury brands, China from among the largest global consumer of luxury goods. Yet Chinese do not make their purchase at the national level. Indeed, they tend to buy luxury brands during their trip abroad especially in Europe and the United States. If the Chinese choose to buy their luxury goods during their trip abroad, it is mainly for the sake of obtaining a counterfeit product. Indeed, this is evidence that Chinese soil is an Eldorado for counterfeit products. In China, it becomes very difficult to differentiate between branded products and those contrefais. By buying in China, the quality of purchased goods is always questioned. However, abroad, the situation is different. The contrefais brands do not have too much space on the market. Thus, by purchasing them during their stay abroad, the Chinese are certain to consume quality products. Currently, Japan, Australia, the United States and France have become the international supermarkets Chinese. The founder of this center in Beijing says that training in China is poor in terms of luxury brands, and customers often know more than sellers, which push consumers to buy in Europe or Hong Kong.

BAD customer service 

The answers provided by the luxury boutiques of sellers in China also pushing consumers to buy their branded products abroad. Indeed, sellers are unable to provide sufficient details about the products they offer in store. For consumers, this is-say ignorance can hide the nature of the brands sold in the market. Furthermore, with the improvement of the economic situation in China, we note the increase in the middle class. Access to the international market opens therefore a wider public. Therefore, China's population is more aware of the Western world and especially branded products.

Thus, to overcome this problem with the Chinese customer services, domestic companies are trying to introduce their employees to brands they sell in order to give satisfaction to customers. To improve their sales, they must also ensure the authenticity of the products they sell not to push the Chinese to go abroad to buy the same products available in China.

The establishment of duty free shops outside airports

The advantage of the duty free shops is that they offer branded products but at affordable price. With their frequent moves, the Chinese are fond realize their purchases from these duty-free shops. Major brands have understood this trend of the Chinese. That is why they want to open duty-free shops outside airports. The DFS group is the first to launch by opening a shop duty free in Hong Kong. The importance of online reputation of brands

The success of a business lies mainly in the brand's reputation. China, facing the presence of counterfeit products that meet the market, brands must make a SEO campaign to improve their image online. Indeed, the Chinese check online reputation of brands before buying. According to the founder of the Marketing Agency "With an SEO campaign six months, the brand can enhance its visibility to users especially if they choose the right keywords, Chinese consumers are the most digitized in the world, with more internet on past 25 hours. "

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