dimanche 16 juin 2013

China Ecommerce Market news

China Ecommerce Market news !

China is drafting its first bill to regulate 190 billion on e-commerce market in the country, says an article in China Daily.

The government newspaper quoted Liu Hongliang, head of market regulation at the State of the China Industry and Commerce Administration, in a story Monday as saying that the legislation on operations and services online been placed on the agenda by both legislative bodies in the 12th National People's Congress. Liu said that the law will address issues such as unfair competition, lack of protection of intellectual property and tax evasion.

Mr Liu did not give a timetable for when the project is planned to pass legislation. If China goes ahead with the law, it will affect a wide swath of national e-commerce companies and foreign term.

 biggest operators

They include research portal Baidu (BAIDU), the site operator Qihoo 360 Technology (QIHU), Taobao e-commerce group Alibaba, e-tailer Dangdang (DANG) and (AMZN) site, China's Amazon unit Amazon.cn. EBay (EBAY) is also expanding its presence in the market of e-commerce in China. Most of these stocks rose slightly in the U.S. trade Tuesday. Vipshops (VIPS) has sold more than 12% in trading late afternoon, but it may reflect a Deutsche Bank downgrade Monday. more information here


E-commerce players in China

E-commerce players in China are in fierce competition against each other, some using tactics that have angered the government and consumers. China has the largest and most dynamic e-commerce market in the world. China Internet Network Information Center The government says that the market for e-commerce of the nation has accumulated sales value of $ 190 billion in 2012, up 66.5% over 2011, driven by mobile users and social media.

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