dimanche 22 février 2015

About SEO companies in China

We are offering to promote your website in the major search engines like: Google, Baidu & haoso which results in improvement in keyword ranking, traffic, link popularity and goal conversion in the first month of our work.
We need to make sure that your website is abide with all the search engines guidelines & after that promote it very aggressively targeting the main keywords which can drive traffic to your website through search engines.
Below, please find all the details of the Baidu SEO campaign to improve or increase your online presence.

Baidu SEO services usually

We cover all the necessary online marketing strategies step by step:
1. Current status of your website.
2. Analysis of your competitors.
3. Analysis of your business/product/service.
4. Analysis of keywords & online competition.
5. Technical analysis of website in-terms of SEO on Baidu

China On-page Optimization:

1. Fixing all the technical errors of website.
2. Optimizing the keywords appropriately.
3. Based on the analysis reports – Preparing road-map to achieve results/rankings.
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Chinese Off-page Optimization (Promotional Activities):

1. Traditional way: Articles, Press Releases, Directories, One way, Reciprocal links etc
2. SMO: weibo, wechat, Linked In etc

Cost: All our prices are bespoke and it depends on the no of keywords you want to promote. Let me know the no of keywords you want to promote so that I can make a suitable proposal and send it to you.

Areas of improvements:

* Keywords selection and optimization
* Top page ranking for keywords
* Quality link buildings
* On page optimization and onsite optimization
* Error fixing and suggestions
* Social media promotion over weibo, wechat, Facebook, Twitter * Quality contents
* Competitive analysis and roadmap

1. Technically sound website. (Baidu recommend)
2. Website will be on Top pages of baidu and other search engines for targeted keywords.
3. Permanent high PR back-links. (High potential traffic)
4. Potential traffic on the targeted landing page. (Good ROI)
5. Updated social media profile. (Increase popularity)
6. Let me also update you that we do 100% manual submissions which results in permanent quality back links, so that you can have your potential traffic on your prime pages and ultimately your ROI will increase.

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