mardi 3 février 2015

Chinese tourists and their wet underwear in Thailand

Photos of a Chinese tourist unsightly lowering his wet underwear on the seats from the lounge of the international airport Chiang Mai attracted much criticism on social media. The photos, which were believed to have taken about two weeks ago, showed a woman using her phone as her black bra and pink panties lying next to her.

 A public relations officer at the airport confirmed the incident, revealing that the staff approached the woman to inform her not to dry her clothes in public. No further action was taken because it did not violate safety rules, Bangkok Post reported Feb. 2. Questionable behavior of Chinese tourists abroad - to pour hot water on a hostess to deploy an aircraft emergency slide - have hit the headlines in recent months, which earned him the reputation of being poor travelers . The president of the Association of Canadian Chiang Mai Tourism, Pornchai Jitnavasathien, Bangkok Post said that the association will ask Thai travel agents and guides to explain to Chinese tourists that inappropriate behavior will affect their overall image


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