mercredi 16 janvier 2013

Market baby in China

Market baby in China 

Due to inflation and the cost of living increase, the young couple seems to be higher than the year ago babies, especially those living in first-tier cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and more anxious. In Shanghai, for example, it will cost more than 30,000 average per year to raise a child from birth to graduate from elementary school, so it seems unlikely that a young couple, if they are able to achieve such a high pressure is not a stable source of income.

 Specifically, it records the family in Shanghai in 2010, directly used to 32,719.5 yuan a year to raise a child from 0-3 years, 4-6 years, 31,943 yuan, 31,226 yuan for 7-12 years. Approximately 35% of the parents were subject to high stress caused by parental.

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Children's Clothing Market in China: Trends and Dynamics increase!
According to the survey report entitled China's Baby Boom Dividends published by HKTDC Research in 2013, clothing is the kind of goods after food most often bought by parents on the Chinese mainland. Practicality aside, parents also look for beautiful and fashionable designs when they buy clothes for their children. Many international brands have set up stores for children's apparel on the mainland in recent years

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  1. The baby care industry in China growing steadily at a rate of 15% as of 2018. Foreign companies dominate the Chinese baby care market. China mother and baby products online market is expected to reach 295.92 billion yuan ($47.38 billion) in 2018 Chinese parents willing to pay more for Japan diaper brands