lundi 19 novembre 2018

The lifestyle of the ultra-rich Chinese is incredible!

Imagine that the lifestyle of the ultra-rich Chinese is incredible! Imagine stopping at Tiffany & Co. on the way to lunch to pick the perfect luxury gem and spending the afternoon with friends in the ultraviolet Paul Pairet. All this follows a stop at the Prada store to discover that you have clothes that you can add to your ever-growing wardrobe and then end up at night in one of the Mandarin Oriental Pudong hotels or in another hotel luxury. Of course, this trip takes place in your beautiful Ferrari with a Hermes bag placed in the passenger seat. Luxury clothing brands are no longer out of reach when you're in luxury!

There is a certain curiosity about the way of life of the rich, it seems to be those who hold key havens. The way they affect us is amazing, yet we think their lives are really good. What does it look like to satisfy all the whims of consumers? The Chinese elite has been different because their favorite brands are: Patek Philippe watches, Mercedes E-Class cars, Gulfstream nozzles, Armani suits, Azimut yachts and Louis XIII brandy.

They also like to spend money on diamonds, wine, travel and education for their children. More than 50% of wealthy parents send their children to schools in the United States and Great Britain. Canada is third, followed by Switzerland. Chinese elites love luxury goods, imported French handbags, Italian sports cars and more, they love showing off their talent.
More than 50 percent of the Chinese elite, each with more than 10 million yuan ($ 1.57 million) in assets, spend between one million yuan ($ 157,000) and three million yuan a year and owns more than three cars. The cars feature the white BMW 7 Series, the long-wheelbase Audi A6 and the Porsche Cayenne SUV, which offer a unique new network of Chinese motorways.

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