mardi 6 février 2018

Education Trends in China

Chinese Education market  Trends 

Trend 1:Investment in Education in China

the inflow of capital promotes the development of the educational industry In 2015, an influx of social capital investment in the education industry, through investment and mergers and acquisitions, as well as the direct and indirect impact of three forms of listings, injected new vitality into the development of the industry.

Trend 2:Online Education 

individuation and differentiation are the keys to online education As online education in China continues to grow, the profitability and profitability model has shown differentiation in several market segments. The development of the industry still has great potential and the opportunities to obtain benefits lie in the use of the Internet to provide personalized services to customers.

Trend 3:O2O

O2O needs to "go back to reason" after the inflow of capital Although O2O education experienced a frenzy of capital inflow in 2015, it is generally in its early stages and needs an in-depth exploration in terms of services and profitability models. The approaches must include specialization, scenarios and ecological advances.

Trend 4:Governement Reform 

political reforms will boost the industrialization and diversification of education Policies and regulations in private education, preschool education, K12 education, higher education and vocational education should provide new opportunities for development.

Trend 5:Foreign Education Companies are coming

multiple models help the penetration of foreign investment in China's educational market The increasingly open policies, economic development and international cultural communication have gradually increased the flow of foreign capital to the Chinese educational industry, which has six main models: self-built schools, Chinese-foreign collaborative schools, investments in franchise chains, mergers and acquisitions, online education and educational resources.

Trend 6: Need to Explore Globalization 

China's education industry needs to explore "globalization" in the future Currently, the balance of educational resources imported and exported is uneven, and the industry is still in its infancy, limited by the weak educational resources of national institutions. Companies in different segments of the industry should look for deployment strategies to "globalize".

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