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Why 3D printing interest French Companies

Attract the attention of business leaders on emerging issues, open discussion and facilitate networking are the main objectives of small business luncheons that the Community of communes of the Pays des Herbiers organizes at 4 times a year . Indeed, executives and managers necessarily have access to economic information but is often sucked into their activities and therefore have almost no time to learn or to deepen a number of questions.

70 entrepreneurs 

At the session of 06 October, 70 entrepreneurs have addressed the question of 3D technologies in business: for today or tomorrow? Interest theme It was, as its title suggests, a workshop on topics concerning technologies related to 3D in companies, their applications and their potential outlets. This technology has seen the day there is this 30 years and is now particularly booming, thanks to lower costs, the development of service offerings, to create the "Fab Lab" on the international scene, seems not to leave indifferent entrepreneurs since 70 responded to the call. The scope of the 3D printing technology is so great that many cases have been reported at this session of October 6. Low-cost prosthesis

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This was for example the history of the 6 year old, without a right hand from birth, and who became a printed plastic graft prosthesis in 3D. 3D technology has enabled to provide a customized hand to the child at a cost ten times cheaper than current industrial technologies. Giants! Investors in printing technology 3D With the objective of providing special metal parts for the aerospace, automotive and machine tools, the Michelin group and the Fives Group have created a joint venture of "additive manufacturing" based metal powder.

€ 25 million investment

The duo has invested € 25 million. New way to design and manufacture For new perspectives on design and design of certain technical objects, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology announced the marketing of a new 3D printer can create models with the combination of 10 different materials. This new machine of pioneer Fab Lab is offered at € 7,000. The Herbretais are also in the race With the Lycée Jean Monnet, who for years has a 3D printer as well as the St. Gabriel Institute with its Fab Lab, for pedagogy opened in early 2015, named Gab Lab, the basin can argue Herbretais already be in addiction with the technology of 3D printing. Side speakers  Emmanuel Roux, a consultant on digital issues, created the Z bis to the Roche-sur-Yon, the first Fab Lab Vendée.  The VTech Group sees 3D printing as the logical evolution of its business since 2002 based on 2D printing. With its 3D Tech subsidiary, sells machines and offers services in 3D printing.  Hugues Pasquier, president of the Club of Les Herbiers Companies wonders about the possible replacement of the trades of machining by additive manufacturing technologies.

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