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Online games : a booming market in China !

Online games : a booming market in China !

 The online gaming industry is booming in China. In fact, revenues have quadrupled since 2008. But this sector is more complex than you might think. In recent weeks, the law banning was canceled. In terms of income , MMORPG and FPS on PC games (like Crossfire and Blade & Soul ) dominate . At the moment, the mobile game is in second place but this may change due to the increasing number of smart phones . Users become more comfortable with shopping online application. This may seem surprising to those who see mobile as the future of gaming , especially in Asia, because it is proven that the vast majority of Chinese players who spend money are always on PC. Moreover , if you consider games via web browser as PC games (since they are often unplayable on mobile devices ) , it is possible to say that PC games have generated this year over 80 % of revenues of the Chinese gaming industry. A future rebound ? Chinese exports of video games jumped 76% to $ 403 million in 2011, revealed the report, adding that more than 150 games developed in China were sold abroad last year. Indeed, two Chinese ministries responsible for the supervision and approval of online games will revise their criteria in terms of approval of the games release in China. The head of the Ministry of Culture and Commerce on the Internet, Mr. Li Jianwei said the change affects how online gaming in China are approved. This will enable and streamline the approval process while making more conscious and responsible companies of the content they submit for approval . Each country has its own policy and the consequences are not always the same. Mobile games and online music services will be the first expected to benefit from the new regulation groups.

China is therefore in the process of opening its market games online self-regulation. If everything works as planned, it could mean more imported online games from Western and Chinese export games to the world . Some important figures Go Globe offers a new infographic which is the analysis of the facts and major figures in the field of the Chinese online game industry today . - Operators of online gaming in China are 82.1 billion RMB ( 13.5 billion ) in 2013. - This figure is expected to increase to $ 16.1 billion at the end of 2014 . - Tencent, the same company that WeChat is the gaming giant in China - Action RPG is the most favored , led by PC gamers . Furthermore , most of these are related to back -up of Chinese developers. Online games have a penetration rate of 59.5 % ( total of Internet users ) and 33 % ( total of internet users on mobile ) .

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