samedi 23 novembre 2013

Why luxury market in China is changing!

Why luxury market in China is changing! 

Excessive reception fees , misuse of company cars or trips abroad deemed unnecessary ... Not less than 16 699 people were fined for violating the new rules of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) imposing more sober representatives of public administration , reported Monday, November 17 the new China news agency , citing the Central Commission for discipline Inspection , policeman single party. Early December 2012, the Political Bureau of CPC , chaired by the leader Xi Jinping, had launched an ambitious cutting waste , aimed especially red carpets, floral , luxurious banquets watered expensive liqueurs and other extravagances which benefited the CCP officials .

Violation records are spread over a period of about eleven months. However, such commitments are regularly proclaimed at the top of the regime and often remain wishful thinking , fueling a resentment in the population, which criticizes willingly exorbitant privileges enjoyed by leaders.

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