lundi 27 juin 2022

The Chinese Health Market give opportunities to new JV

The DSM group has just completed the creation of a joint venture with the Chinese Nenter. DSM paid €135 million to acquire 75% of the capital of the joint venture comprising all of the vitamin E production activities of Nenter, based in Jingzhou in Hubei, China, as well as a minority stake in its facilities in Shishou , in the same region, where an intermediate for vitamin E is produced. According to the Feed Info News Service site, the capacity of Nenter would be 20,000 t/year

As of September, production will be stopped at these facilities to allow them to be upgraded in order to meet DSM's pre-requisites in terms of quality, safety and the environment. This shutdown will be extended as needed, according to DSM.

The Chinese Health Market

The market for food supplements has grown all over Asia in recent years and especially in China.

The growth of the middle class and the purchasing power of the inhabitants explained a member of the CBC

Westernization trends (the United States is a country of fitness)

A health awareness of the benefits of fitness and nutrition (sometimes to compensate for air pollution)

The beginning of the aging of Asian populations requires special care to be given to the elderly

More and more gyms open in China, fitness apps are developed every day, and practitioners like to show off.

It was the big companies that entered the market first and most effectively, as always.

But even if there is stiff competition, you can make a lot of money using the right sales and marketing strategies.

Being able to take just a small slice of the pie should be enough to motivate you.

The procedure for exporting dietary supplements and vitamins to China

It is important that you understand the procedure well in advance. Any problems that may arise are very expensive.

Here is a brief summary of the procedure for exporting whey protein to China.

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