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Asian sex toy brands are helping Chinese women connect with their sexuality


The Chinese sexual revolution: Sex is something not to be ashamed of

The era of "feeling uncomfortable when it comes to sex" is slowly fading away. A sexual revolution is taking place today, not on the streets, but in digital stores that sell vibrators and lubricants in the most harmless ways.

There are over 900 million sexually active people in China. Over 63% of sex toy sales came from young adults under the age of 35. This new generation is represented by people who no longer want women to "suffer in silence" when it comes to their sexual well-being.

Many brands are trying to educate the market not to feel awkward when it comes to sex toys, but they treat this as a normal concept not to be ashamed of.

For example, Hong Kong-based brand "We Are Fk" set up its online store earlier this year which aims to be as non-threatening and accessible as possible. The store curates a huge range of sexual wellness products on an essential site that barely hints at the nature of its merchandise.

Online stores are the best way to sell sex toys in China

Pleasure, sexuality are concepts far from Chinese culture. Growing up in a conservative culture, kids in the 90s weren't even taught the meaning of sexuality.

This "silence" has perpetuated the Chinese culture which has perceived female pleasure as "shameful" and something that should be "hidden". Years of distorted views and medical research on women, due to a world dominated by men, have stifled true equality and true research on female sexuality.

Since the conservative culture, in China, even though changes have been made, sex toy is still a relatively sensitive industry.  E-commerce and online stores can well protect consumer’s privacy and it is very convenient to use as it is an ideal way for sex toys selling for its convenience and secrecy.

For those reasons, “We Are Fk” runs an e-magazine that explores sex and all its extras, with articles ranging from newbie guides to vibrators to dealing with intimate body dysmorphia.

Educating Chinese women about their sexuality

By educating and empowering women about their sexuality, Asian brands want to create a healthier environment for women to understand themselves and their bodies.

Some studies report that the hormone, released during sex and while having an orgasm, “induces a general sense of well-being including calm”, and that its release is associated with secondary biochemical changes that “mediate long-term benefits”, such as reduced blood pressure. Other studies report that oxytocin can lessen anxiety and increase overall psychological stability.

 Having a healthy relationship with one’s sexuality is connected to our self-esteem and happiness, when people take control of their sexuality, they learn how to have the lives that they want and deserve.

Social media are the best place where educate Chinese consumers about their sexuality

There were around 700 million social media users in China in 2019 and it is expected to grow significantly. Despite Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter being blocked in the country, local social networking sites such as Tencent WeChat and Weibo have been attracting millions of users, making China the world’s biggest social media market.

In China social media as a channel wins more trust over the consumers. Consumers believe more on the message they directly communicate on social media, whether via WeChat, Weibo or Little Red Book posts.

People get a more solid connection to the brand via social media and at the same time brands can reach Chinese consumers and interact with them.

We Are co-founder Fk Greening cites the rise in public activism - such as the #MeToo movement - and social media for rapidly changing attitudes towards female sexuality.

"For years, oppression has stifled female pride and sexual expression," she says. "I think we're tired of it."

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